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Our Dream

As kids of the 80s (giving away our age) we all remembered the movie ‘Romancing The Stone’, where Michael Douglas wooed Kathleen Turner with a yacht and then sailed it down a Manhattan street. Reality is different.

The dream was re-kindled in 2007 when DK sailed on board a schooner being delivered from North Queensland. One yacht, a house renovation and the dream remained, cast off the lines and sail to uncharted waters if any still exist.


Apart from space and deep sea diving, ocean cruising is the last true place for adventure. There is minimal support at sea and we have to support ourselves between destinations.


The compromise is to live comfortably, maintain all the on board systems and keep moving towards the next port and re-provision (Plus check emails, of course)


The goal is to sail around the world, via as many beautiful destinations as possible. Initially, we will explore Sydney Harbour, Pittwater and the coastal cruising destinations within reach.


DK has aspirations of crewing on a Sydney to Hobart yacht too but that is another story.

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