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Day of Departure looms - With a Twist

Just over 12 months ago, AP and I earmarked the 31st March 2018 as the date of departure for ‘Sailing off on the Adventure of a lifetime’. The idea in my head was that we would be provisioning the yacht, heading North on a coastal trip and living life on the hook for a few months. This kind of adventure, including monstrous seas and anything the ocean could throw at me does not intimidate me and I approach with a healthy respect but minimal fear.

Little did I know that this adventure would involve both of us leaving our current employers (Not necessarily on our own terms), selling up what little possessions we have and moving to the USA. (It may also include some wedding bells, but I will leave this for our Instagram followers to keep up with any surprise ‘Live events’.

So we did it. Annabel has landed the opportunity of a lifetime working for an amazing new agency and we are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime across the globe settling in California! Wow, I never expected this and am so excited about our new life in the US. But now for the bad news. Our beautiful boat, SV Curlew, is now on the market because she needs constant TLC that we can’t provide whilst away.

We have found a few people who are aware of the providence of Sparkman and Stephens, however a boat sale is like trying to replace your parents and is a difficult task. So, bags are almost packed, removalists are on their way and all of our stuff will be in storage by mid April. We will then have access only to the things in our two 23Kg bags that the airline will allow. And that’s just the way we like it (for the moment).

To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I am looking forward to sailing out of the USA and excited about meeting new people. And will be doing some travel across the Country for a few weeks.

Stay tuned.

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