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Why you SHOULDN'T contribute to our sailing fund

Personally i feel uncomfortable with this new found notion that someone should contribute to a personal crowd funding page unless there is something of value in exchange. It is curious what some people expect and sites like Patreon make it simple for punters like us to create a source of income. Our idea is that we will only provide value to any patrons who choose to support us. We consider value in entertainment, tutoring, how-to's and maybe even some preaching from our pulpit. (After all, our boat has a pulpit available)

Whilst we are preparing for our journey with no departure date firmly set (there are a number of hurdles that we can’t publicly disclosed yet), we have set everything up including a Patreon page. Please don’t sign up… Please contribute to a worthy charity! There are a number from which to choose.

So what HAS been happening?

DK has physically spent every available weekend on the boat building the skill set required for a long voyage, while AP has been working hard on theory for Day Skipper. Our theory is that we need to be Internationally qualified as deckhands (At the very least), DK looking for Yachtmaster to be able to top up the sailing fund in the marine industry while overseas.

With that being said, DK leaves for a 5 day offshore voyage on Friday as a practical for either Day Skipper or Coastal Yachtmaster. Let’s see how it pans out… If you have been following us on Instagram you will note we have recently invested in some Musto and Helly Hansen offshore sailing gear. Our limited budget dictated a mixture of new and pre-loved gear. Hopefully some photos will follow the course and the GoPro is welcome aboard the training boat.

A couple of new projects will be coming up on board SV Curlew. The first being a Lithium battery upgrade - Now this is a heavy lift financially and needs to be budgeted and planned carefully.

You may have seen our first attempt at Youtube publishing, it was how to fix the hydraulic backstay. Check it out here

I will publish a Youtube clip of the Lithium battery project, as it may prove to be just that… A project. It will require swapping Crank and House battery compartments, which will just be labelling the battery switch. We will also need to upgrade the battery charge controller and management system. The batteries will only be half of the investment. Then DK may have to build a secure storage compartment for securing the batteries but hopefully we can utilise the existing solar array, maybe add a couple of flexible panels for the bimini and then a wind generator! DK better be a good boy so Santa comes to him!!

If there are any specific requests, contact us directly - And if you are in Pittwater, Sydney - Definitely reach out and come for a sail. We love guests.

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