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Here is to a Happy 2018

Happy 2018 family, friends and followers. A quick update before we get too far into the year, it’s crazy we are almost at the first public holiday of 2018 (apart from New Year’s Day) and while the photos have been plentiful, likewise the adventures, I’ve been a bit slack getting some written content on the website. We have spent the 2018 so far from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and as far South as Hobart and then delivering a yacht to Sydney Harbour (more on the yacht delivery in a later post). The last couple of weeks has been spent exploring little bays, beaches and channels whilst avoiding the omnipresent Manly ferries that run constantly and rule the harbour with their 15 knot cruising speed and ability to run down an unaware yacht skipper.

Our most recent adventure included a group of friends interested in snorkelling in Sydney Harbour. One of the members is a keen snorkeller and DK really wanted to oblige by finding a suitable spot in the harbour for potential sea life within an hours sailing distance. Google satellite view is an amazing tool for this sort of research and a 50 metre stretch of sand not too far from Middle Head was chosen as the destination. It also boasted an underwater rock ledge which would definitely be home to some local fish and crustaceans. A feast for the eyes, we weren’t fishing or spearing on his occasion.

The weather was ideal, 10-15 knot northerlies made the spot a little bit exposed to the swell but the holding looked good.

A good friend enquired in the meantime on our plans and I was excited to tell him how much research had gone into this spot. His response almost floored me, with local knowledge getting the better of my google skills. “Oh, obelisk beach is the nudist beach, mate!” I was shocked, but not as shocked as when my friends arrived and knowing the history of the beach, were still adventurous enough to make it our destination, and not as shocked as the sights that greeted us when we anchored 50 metres from the beach on Saturday! I deliberately left the camera below deck.

This year will bring many adventures and hopefully some massive changes. I look forward to sharing the updates and may even get my head into a naughticals YouTube movie. Will keep you posted.

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