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AP & DK (Alias Annabel and Damien) are a couple who live a hectic city life in bustling Sydney. Annabel is originally a Brisbane girl who has spent two decades in the corporate marketing and technology world working with global brands and living and travelling between offices in New York, London and Sydney. Then Damien came along and she fell in love with the boat!


Damien has been involved in various businesses through the years related to photography, graphics and technology, but is a country boy at heart, having grown up in country Northern NSW.


When you look up the definition of ‘naughtical’ in Urban Dictionary, the definition is as follows ‘When you misbehave on a body of water, or a ship. Also when a seaman misbehaves’. And when you get to meet Annabel, you understand completely why the term is so appropriate for this couple (In the cheekiest possible way!)


DK is the skipper and AP is first mate, chef and Maitre’D but always retains the official title of CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).  


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