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 Sydney City girl & her Boaty beau go sailing

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1 May 2018

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting a young couple based in Newport Beach California, Abby & Chad. In a soon-to-be-released video series by Skipper DK, they recount their story of almost settling on an Amel Sailboat when an opportunity presented itself in the form o...

19 Apr 2018

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Holidaying on the west coast of USA is as little a culture shock as any Eastern Suburbs boy could have overseas, and it well may be the jet lag that is causing it more than anything else, but this little black duck is feeling like a duck out of water. Not to mention we...

12 Apr 2018

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In a previous life I sold quality optics... and here is a little of what I learned when it came to binoculars

As part of my role as sales representative for a large camera manufacturer, we had access to some premium gear, including excellent binoculars and microscopes (...

19 Mar 2018

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Just over 12 months ago, AP and I earmarked the 31st March 2018 as the date of departure for ‘Sailing off on the Adventure of a lifetime’. The idea in my head was that we would be provisioning the yacht, heading North on a coastal trip and living life on the hook for a...

22 Jan 2018

Happy 2018 family, friends and followers. A quick update before we get too far into the year, it’s crazy we are almost at the first public holiday of 2018 (apart from New Year’s Day) and while the photos have been plentiful, likewise the adventures, I’ve been a bit sla...

13 Nov 2017

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The ports we visited along the way were all similar that mainly because they were geared to the sailing drop-ins (such as this noisy Aussie bunch) but all had their own individuality with a culture steeped in maritime history. Each seaside village contained a heritage...

27 Sep 2017

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After spending two weeks away from home in Greece, the first week sailing the Ionian islands (highly recommended) and then tanning our bodies in Mykonos, and dealing with the easy going Greek people makes me realise how easy a society can function without the need to r...

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