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8 Days and counting


I am finding it very hard to focus on my day job right now. (NO CHANGE THERE THEN she snorts!)

In less than 8 days, Skipper DK and I will be heading up to Yamba in Northern NSW to go and collect, and then sail back to Sydney, the SY Curlew!

I can't, in recent history, remember a time that I have been so excited. For someone who has travelled internationally at least 6 times a year for the last 20 years, from Asia to Europe to the USA, this is a "WOW - adventure ahead "moment. 50 countries and counting and still many more to visit. As a very impatient person who detests flying/airports/and the time wasted on both, the thought of being able to sail to destinations is one of great appeal!

The challenge ahead for me is to start from scratch and learn a whole new way of life, from detoxing off a fairly serious technology addiction to deprogramming my brain and body clock from filling up, and being accountable for, (in a business sense), every minute of the day with sales targets to be hit, deadlines to be met, people to talk to ......yada yada. I think the effects will be nothing but positive both physically and mentally!

We are very lucky that the seller will be accompanying us on this first trip! I am actually not too sure how long it takes to sail back, but have taken the first half of the week off work anyway...

We have been busy sorting out our social media (facebook still under construction) and this blog so we can make sure we can document our first sail as the new owners, and so our friends, family and social followers can get a laugh at the novice boaty that is me! We will be posting videos, sharing quite possibly some very funny experiences as we (well Me, not DK) learn the ropes! So please subscribe for updates and let us know what you think!

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