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 Sydney City girl & her Boaty beau go sailing

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10 Jan 2017

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How inconvenient, being made redundant at a time when the yacht is ready to go, fully fuelled and stocked, and the bank balance is in the black. But if only it were that simple.

There are two parties in this discussion, AP & DK, and AP is probably 12 months behind me. S...

2 Dec 2016

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(AKA The importance of a bilge pump and clean bilge)

My previous yacht, as eluded to in the earlier post, was a classic ketch built in the 60’s from mahogany on oak frames. She was totally wasted on me, a guy with a small budget for both time and money who wanted to liv...

30 Nov 2016

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AP is rather excited as the countdown to picking up the new boat is getting closer and closer!

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